Marcia Molnar

"She dipped her brush into her heart..."
Monsoon Summer by Marcia Molnarfb.jpg
Enchantment by Marcia Molnar 48 x 34 inc

It is a momentary enchantment. I walk through the trees and wait for the moon to come up.  I sit quietly breathing in the sunset.  Can you breathe in color?  And then with a snap of a twig, I notice, I’m not alone.  There is a deer watching and she seems to be as enchanted as I am.


This is an amazingly beautiful life.


48 x 34 inches, oil, $8500

Available at the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art 2020

At the End of A Rainbow by Marcia Molnar

Things I Love About Summer at the Canyon




Contented elk and deer

Camping in a tent

Coyotes howling

Listening to rain hit my tent

Listening to people talk and laugh around the fire

A Rainbow's Kiss

6 x 12 inches, oil


One Life by Marcia Molnar 60 x 40 inches

One life

48 x 60 inches, oil


There are not many things more thrilling than looking for condors and having them swoop from behind you and into the canyon. 

I am honored to be a part of the Grand Canyon Conservancy's effort to preserve and protect the California Condors at the canyon.

This painting was my second studio painting for the Grand Canyon Celebration of Art 2019.  Happily it sold immediately!

You Can See Forever by Marcia Molnar 36

You Can See Forever

36 x 36 inches, oil


For me, painting plein air is a discipline of gathering information and happy accidents which I try to make happen again in my studio.  Painting at Desert View is so exciting, every evening it turns soft shades of purple and blue.  From the darkest depths of the canyon, the river reflects the sky and it is all so beautiful.

One of the things I love most about painting on the rim is listening to people talk.  One lady exclaimed, “You Can See Forever!”  and I thought “That is a great title for a painting!”